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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Bigger Person Dilemma

Why is it that, during an argument, we try to be the "bigger person?"  As I'm getting older, I really don't undertand that concept.  I've tried it before and you know what??!!!


I will typically try to hold my tongue and end up blowing a gasket about 10 minutes later.  My new philosphy is that I don't want to be the "better person" because that means that I'm ok being a victim.  If I'm called a name...I'll be calling one back.  If I'm prepared to hear more insults from my end.  I'm not always nice and friendly but I'm definitely not the agressor in a fight; so I rarely start one.

Take heed for those that know me: Don't throw punches if you're scared to get hit.

MOOD: Indifferent
DINNER: Spaghetti & meat sauce 

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