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Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Design

With the help of Mod Melon Web Design, I'm getting a new look. It will be colorful, eye-catching and fun (well, that's what I'm going for). To celebrate the new look, I will be having a pretty cool giveaway.

Check back in a few days to see what we've got cooking :)

Self Reflection: Love

Isn't Love wonderful? I think all of us are addicted to that feeling we get when Love is new. During that time, there are no expectations, disappointments, anger or broken promises. It's interesting (and pretty sad) to watch as Love is slowly chiseled away. Like a master sculptor, many of our personality traits slowly chip away at Love's tough exterior. We chip and chip until Love is but a former shell of itself and all that's left are her alter ego's....Anger, Resentment, Hate.

It's easy to wonder how we got here? How did something that was once so beautiful become so ugly? The answer (in some cases) can be found within. Ask yourself these 10 things:

1. Do I get angry at small things?
2. Do I find fault in others?
3. Am I supportive of others endeavors (whether I agree with them or not)?
4. Am I faithful?
5. Am I trustworthy (meaning, do I keep my word)?
6. Do I work at building my relationship daily?
7. Am I a great friend?
8. Am I easy to talk to?
9. Am I a good listener?
10. Am I loving and affectionate?

Every time we fall short on one of the above items, it causes a "chip" at the love in our relationship. The benefit we have is, unlike stone, love can regenerate. Changing small things about ourselves, without changing the core that makes us who we are, can go a long way in fixing the problems WE may have caused. Remember, you can't "fix" others, you can only work on improving yourself.
Photo: Love Hurt's Part Two by Bastrup

Yummy One Pot Meal

Last night's dinner was a success. It was delicious and healthy (brown rice, chicken and 98% fat free turkey sausage).

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's Childish

Have you ever sat down and thought about the times we spend arguing over things that really don't matter? I ran across a picture today that really had me thinking. Some arguments aren't worth having. They take more energy and can cause more hurt feelings than they are really worth. I come across quite a few people that tell me "its the principle of the thing." In my opinion, if you have to justify your argument with that statement, then deep down somewhere, you KNOW you're arguing over something trivial.
Save your breath, time and effort for those battle's worth "not only did you EAT the last cookie, but you DRANK all the darn milk!"

Mood: Content

Dinner Menu: One pot chicken & rice w/turkey sausage

Where's Llano?

Ever been to Llano, TX?? Chances are probably not. On our way from a trip to Seaworld San Antonio (pics coming soon), the family and I made a 2-hour detour just to stop into the small town and have a taste of Cooper's BBQ. All I'm gonna say is, I need to figure out how to get them to come to Houston. I was in "hog heaven." The meat is smoked to perfection...using REAL SMOKE!!! When you go to barbecue places and you can't smell hickory smoke a mile away, chances are the meat isn't gonna be that great. The memory of this meal is going to keep me smiling for at least a week.

URGENT Message to Cooper's..............Please put your peach cobbler on your online order menu. I'm having severe withdrawals.

Mood: EXTREMELY HAPPY and content

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Reason 1

As someone that considers herself a burger aficionado, I couldn't let this article slip by without posting it. Burger's are a hand full of mouth watering, delicious goodness (you can quote me on that).

This article is the perfect introduction for my "Why I love my hubby" series. I've realized how easy it is to forget why the special people in your life are indeed special. It's about time I remedy that amnesia.


By the way...this list is in no particular order.

Bending The Rules (the beginning)

20 pages into the book and no "spark" just yet. Unlike "Take Me" that got my attention from the beginning, so far this one seems a little slow to boil. I may be a little over eager for the romance scenes to begin, but I feel as if the author is concentrating a little too much on character building...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Total Randomness

I'm having a fabulous dinner party and invite you to my home. Your job is to bring the dessert. Based on your mood, what dessert do you bring?

Resent Much?

It's was a beautiful day. Absolutely gorgeous. The kind of day that made you want to play hookey and find something to get into. The view outside of my office window didn't make it any better. I imagined jumping in my car and driving to some remote location...preferably one with a pool. Day's like this lead me to reflection; reflection about wrongs I have committed to others and reflection about wrongs that have been committed to me.

Ok, let's be real...I'm mainly focused on "other" people's mistakes. Times that I think I have been mistreated by others.

Beauty tends to make me think about ugly...I guess it's the whole Ying Yang thing I've got going in my brain. I feel that there have been times when people closest to me have responded less than favorably to situations going on in my life. I've felt like I didn't get the support, love or adulation I needed (and deserved DARN IT) during some trying times. Constantly dwelling on those times have caused me to make some pretty adulterous decisions myself. It's caused me to treat the offenders with less respect, to freshen old wounds at times that I see fit and make me a very unpleasant person to be around at times.

Times are changing...and so am I. I am working on becoming a better person, and "refreshing" my outlook on life. Here are my steps to working on my resentful nature:

1. Forgive and let go: Notice I didn't say "forget" (forgetting is a fairy tale). Once you have it in your heart to forgive someone for their transgressions, let it go! Don't bring it up in conversations or arguments.

2. Understand we all make mistakes: And so do you. Show someone the compassion that you would want shown to you WHEN you mess up.

3. We are our experiences: Just because someone doesn't "love" you the way you think you should be loved doesn't mean they don't. A large amount of the way we show affection is learned behavior, taught to us by the experiences we've had with important people in our lives. We ALL come from different backgrounds, thus, we'll all show affection differently.

4. Focus on the good: It's hard to see the wonder in a person if you're always focused on their faults. Focus on what you love about them. Ask yourself: What do they do to make me laugh? Are they a joy to have in my life? What adventures have we had that bring a smile to my face?

5. Decide what's important: Keeping the relationship...or keeping the anger?

Why build a wall, when you can build a bridge...just saying :)

Mood: Content; Happy

Dinner Menu: Spaghetti w/turkey meat sauce; garlic bread, sauteed zucchini, cheesecake brownies

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Take Me

I just finished my love affair with Joshua Falcon, the male lead in Cherry Adair's "Take me." Without being too long winded, let me just say, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Cherry took a great amount of time developing her character's and making you "feel" the love that Joshua and Jessie (the female lead) have for each other. The love making sections are very believable and vivid...oh my goodness are they vivid.

Synopsis: "Business exec Joshua Falcon is used to getting his way in the boardroom—and in the bedroom. And when he meets gorgeous Jessie Adams at a party, he wants her. Now. Naked in his four-poster. Together the two of them could have a hot sexual affair—with no commitments.

That suits Jessie to a T. Long nights of incredible sex. No ties. All she wants is a baby by the man she's always secretly hungered for...and then she's moving on. Except Jessie and Joshua share a surprising past. One that's about to take them where they never ever expected to go..."

Pages: 273 (on I-pad)

Time: Read this one in two Days

Next in queue: Bending the Rules by Susan Andersen