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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Product Review: Perfect Tortilla

So, I know you guys have probably seen the infomercial for The Perfect Tortilla.  I purchased mine about a month ago and recently gave it a try:

(Seems pretty easy...basically a tortilla cake pan)

(Here are the ingredients for my salad (sans the was still baking). Avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, tortilla's (of course), and cheese (also not pictured).

(Ingredients for my black beans. I just add these in a pot and heat. Very simple and comes out delicious and authentic)

(It's not difficult to place the tortilla in the pan. It only takes minimal effort since the soft tortilla  automatically takes on the pan's shape)

(Ta Da! The finished product)

Sturdy? Yes
Easy to Use? Yes
Easy Cleaning? Yes
Would I Recommend? Yes
Reasonably Priced? get 4 bowls for 19.99 USD plus tax.
Advice? Make sure you buy 10inch tortilla's if you want a full meal. The tortilla shrinks a little while baking.

Disclaimer:  This product was purchased with my own money and was not a paid endorsement. This is my own personal opinion.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

That Feeling You Get...

...when you're running late for work and you get stopped by a train.

Happy Tuesday!!

The Fine Art of Jerk Management

Known by many names: a**hole, jacka**, douche-bag, etc; the Homojerkieus (commonly known as the "jerk") is a frequent and active member of today's society.

Although they can thrive in any environment; their natural habitats include sporting events, movie theaters, public shopping areas, working environments and even your own home.

Use caution when approaching...oftentimes even brief encounters can leave you with a feeling of anxiety, dread, anger and loathing.  Here are some simple steps in dealing with homojerkieus in a positive yet effective manner:
  • Keep your whits about you.  Once you have identified a "jerk" keep your guard up.
  • Try to avoid eye contact and whatever you do, DO NOT be lulled into a conversation.  Keep all answers to questions short & sweet...and try to keep all your questions close-ended.
  • Never let a "jerk" see you sweat.  Hide your weaknesses at all costs; they will eventually try to use them against you.
  • Learn the fine art of eye-rolling and side-eye movement.  This will make you feel a little better if you are in a position where you must listen to a "jerk".
  • If the "jerk" is in your home, keep yourself busy.  Always find some excuse to be in another room (even if it's the bathroom).
  • Most "jerks" think everyone else is the problem, so try and avoid any self-help type methods.
  • NEVER and I mean NEVER try to show a jerk the "error of their ways."  This impossible task will leave you in a confused stupor, while the jerk, still blinded by their own ignorance, will leave the conversation feeling validated.
Mood: Frustrated
Dinner: Leftover pizza (and whatever else I dig out the pantry)...sorry guys, just got back from vacation; gotta get back in my groove. Update: I actually cooked taco salad and black beans (see perfect tortilla product review)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Curries, Doubles and More

(When we arrived we had a feast awaiting us, curried chicken and goat, chana, dahpuri roti and avocado's)

(The breakfast of champions, potato stuffed roti)

(My hubby's aunt took canned salmon and sauteed it with sweet peppers and onion...then she served it with toasted coconut bread. I'm going to have to try this. It'll be a nice addition to the salmon patties I typically make)

(No trip to Trinidad is complete without a stop by a double's vendor. Want to know what a "double" is?  Think vegetarian soft taco. I ate enough of these to last me a lifetime. My toddler didn't like the roti wrap, but loved the chana stuffed inside. This is "street food" at it's best)

That's all I've got for today.  Check back tomorrow soon for more photo's...I'm still in the process of sorting.

Hello Everyone,

I'm finally back from vacation. Trinidad is a very interesting destination spot. It's definitely not a place for those looking for a "resort style" vacation. Some low points for those thinking of traveling there:
  1. It's HOT's hot all the time.
  2. Mosquito's don't fear repellants.
  3. The island itself is a little dated.
  4. Drive only if you have no fear of death...otherwise take a taxi.
All and all, we returned no worse for wear. My husband's family are some of the most wonderful hostess' I've ever come across. They work incredibly hard to make sure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to take a trip to Tobago; but I brought enough culinary pics from Trinidad that it should keep you thoroughly entertained.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


After the week I've had, I'm ready for a good trip. The dear hubby hails from Trinidad and that's where we're spending our family vacation.

For those who don't know, Trinidad has some great "street foods." They've got the best fish sandwich on the planet (bake & shark) along with dishes like doubles, pelau, etc.

I'll be MIA all next week, but look for pics of all my eatings :)

Post Manic Monday

Sorry for the post delay...seems like Monday was just the beginning of my week of woes. are the pics from my weekend/weekday meals.

(Friday's Meal; Note to Self: Grilled Corn DOES NOT reheat well)

(The little one's pizza...thank goodness for Boboli)

(Yesterday's meal. Mood:Loving; Dinner:Baked Chicken, Tortellini w/alfredo sauce & spinach, mixed vegetables)

Hope your individual week's are going better than mine!

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Case of "The Mondays"

This morning everything that could go wrong did!!

1. Woke up with crazy allergies/sinus headache...ok easy fix; Xicam to the rescue.
2. Hair looks a mess and outfit is sub-par...I just won't look in a mirror today.
3. Daughter wakes up fussy, with crazy allergies...Children's Claritin to the rescue.
4. Daughter has small blister on finger...squeeze out yuckiness, apply alcohol and band-aid.
5.Start car; drive about 1/4 mile; tire deflates...ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

Everything I was planning on talking about on this blog today, has now been moved to tomorrow.  Happy Monday!

Mood: Can't you guess?!?!

Dinner: Leftovers!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Morning Breath Smells Like Strawberries

I love the way movies and soaps portray couples waking up in the morning.

You both role over and see each other...he, still freshly shaven and you bright/beautiful. Your hair is slightly disheveled but primarily neat. You're maybe an inch or two away from one another and you lovingly say "good morning." No one has crust in their eyes or on the sides of their lips and no one cringes at the smell of thousands of pooping bacteria coming from your mouth.

Which leads me to believe.........MOVIES and SOAPS aren't real after all!!

Mood: Happy/Blah (I know; a contradiction)
Dinner: Baked Tilapia with ciliantro/lime seasoning; risotto; leftover grilled corn.

Very True!!

I saw these steps today and thought it was cute.
1)Open fridge, nothing to eat;
2)Open freezer, nothing to eat;
3)Lower standards and repeat.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Perception is Reality Rant!!

A pet peeve of mine is when people spout common phrases without knowing there true meaning.  The current popular phrase "perception is reality" is driving me bananas!!

Look's a simple equation:
YOUR perception = YOUR reality 
YOUR perception does not equal MY reality
YOUR perception does not equal the TRUTH I feel better (sigh of relief)

Mood: Frustrated
Dinner: I perceive myself not cooking; so the reality of the situation is we're eating take-out.

A Happy Filling Fourth

Hope you're 4th was as festive as mine!

(Corn ready for grilling)

(Sauteing sausage for Red Beans & Rice)

(The leftover fish...I fried 3)

(The last of an entire pot of red beans & rice)

Sorry, no pics of the slider's...they were gone before I could grab the camera (lol).

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday!!

As we get ready to celebrate America's birthday I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by the wonderful people in my life. Time for the outdoor cooker to take the main stage. 

So, what's your mood and menu for tomorrow?

Mood: Blessed/Happy

Menu: Fried Fish, Red Beans & Rice, Grilled Corn, Smoked Burgers, Red Velvet Cake

Roach Coach Revamped

On our way to New Orleans, we passed a Taco Bell food truck. It was actually pretty cool...thus the following link to "The Daily Meal" showing Cool Food Trucks.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Loving Me

Some people love everyone else first then themselves...others love themselves first then everyone else.

I think I fall somewhere in the middle of both of these statements. Initially (after marriage and motherhood), I think I was like most women. I wanted to make sure the needs of my family were met, before I even considered tending to my needs. To be honest, that sounded GREAT in theory, but it was not always practical.

When you put everyone else's needs in front of your own, it can leave you a little bitter inside. Bitter because you believe others should be satisfying your needs because...let's face it...YOU'RE too busy to take care of yourself. After much trial and error, my rule of thumb is "no one knows what my needs are more than I do and sometimes, in order to love others, I have to put myself first."

So, how do you love?

Mood: Loving
Dinner: Pinto Beans w/ground turkey, rice and steamed broccoli

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Congratulations to Kathleen Novak!

You're the winner of the Surprise Candle Giveaway. This is the first of many to come, so check back soon ...I feel another one coming.