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Cooking Therapy

I love to cook. I think I've always loved it. I can remember when I was young, I would look through my mom's cookbook's to find recipes I wanted to try with my family. Life was so much simpler then, but like most "youngsters" I didn't appreciate that life until I became an adult.

Enter...responsibility. I'm now a wife, mom, employee, supervisor, chauffeur, housekeeper, organizer, lover, fighter...and a Pretty Fabulous Cook. In 2012 I began using cooking as my mental therapy. I have never seen a traditional therapist (although some may argue that I should schedule an appointment; or two). "Cooking therapy" for me is a self-imposed project. Like most people, I began losing a piece of myself in the everyday grind that is life. I've come to believe that individuals, such as myself, need some type of outlet to keep them in touch with who they are. Cooking has become a way for me to let my creative juices flow while reflecting my current emotional condition:

Angry: Meals consist of food items that need lots of chopping, dicing, cubing, etc. Trust me ladies and gents, this is great therapy for those days you would love to put your fist through a wall.

Happy: Colorful...really colorful. Happy meals (no pun intended) usually include a dessert.

Content: These meals are usually traditional American cuisines. Things like meatloaf or casseroles.

Tired: Time for a restaurant review.

Bored: Something unconventional. I love beef kidneys by the way.

Moody: Who knows what I'll come up with?

Unappreciated: I'm sure I can find some "new and fabulous" way to fix burgers (side eye).

All of my "menu's" are sorted according to type and mood; just click the appropriate label tab to find meal suggestions.

Trust me, so much of life can be related to the bathroom kitchen.

So I welcome you; have a seat and let's discuss life's foible's over a plate of warm pasta .

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