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I like to ramble...if you can't tell by my posts; but even I only have so much to say. I'm always looking for help. How would you like to be a guest blogger?

Recipes: Send me your recipes, mood associated with cooking them and the reason for the association.

Self Help/Reflection: I'm always on the quest for improvement.

Restaurant Reviews: Honest opinion about the food. You can put a little in the article about the service, but I'm mainly interested in taste.

Pic's of your masterpieces: Did you use a little "Cooking Therapy?" Send me your pics and captions of how it helped.

Book Reviews: Have you read any good romance novels? Send me the reviews, I may add it to my list. Just know that I will be discussing the book and may ask you to moderate the discussion :)

I've also built a pretty decent following, so I'll gladly share a link to your where credit is due.

Send your posts to:

Much Love,

The Pretty Fab Cook

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